WimTec STEEL Soap dispenser

Soap dispenser with lever handle made of stainless steel. Fill container with lid. Capacity of the refill container approximately 1.2 liters for commercial soap. Removal option for cleaning. Closure not visible from outside. Incl. key, stainless steel screws and dowels.
Dimensions: W/H/D: 120/300/122 mm

High-quality stainless steel version
The STEEL accesory line combines vandal resistance,
hygiene and impact resistance, which are required
in the public sector. With brushed stainless steel
surface - 1.5 mm material thickness.

Reduced to the essential
The slot punches are the stylistic elements of the STEEL
series and also act as a level indicator.

Consistent design line
Due to the same dimensions the towel dispenser, soap
dispensers and waste bins can be mounted in a line.

More security
Provided by the lockable closure technology and the
invisible, screw connection in the background.


WimTec STEEL Soap dispenser